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I-MEGO designs premium headphones that fuse music into daily routine, providing sound that fits your taste and music that suits your life. We believe the pure enjoyment of life is enhanced by great music. Our headphones merge high-end sound with premium design to compliment your lifestyle. I-MEGO’s mission is to deliver high quality music anywhere life takes you.

I-MEGO focuses on creating products with you in mind. We believe the exploration of music should be limitless so we mold our headphones around you. Our headphones range in design, fit and audio response so you can always find a model that highlights your personal preference and style. Whether you use in-ear buds on a jog or at work, or over-ear headphones to rehearse, study or relax, I-MEGO is there with you.

Both our in-ear and over-ear headphones are equipped with features that combine functionality with an artistic edge. No matter if you’re looking to command your music with inline controls, actively noise-cancel background racket while traveling, or use an integrated microphone to seamlessly take calls between music, I-MEGO headphones have the functionality to keep the soundtrack of your life moving.


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