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Philips Voice Recorder is a small hand-held device used to record voice memos to a memory chip and replay them when needed. Philips Voice Tracer Digital Recorder is a simple, fun, and easy to use audio & voice recorder. Easy to record meetings, voice notes, songs, sermons, music or talks!

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Philips Voice Tracer Recorder VTR5000

Short description Philips VTR5000 digital recorder:
Digital recorder - MP3, USB 2.0, record up to 1100 hours

Short summary description Philips VTR5000 digital recorder:
Philips VTR5000 digital recorder, 1082h, HQ, LP, MP3, LCD, 48 x 128 pixels, 2.79 cm (1.1")

Long summary description Philips VTR5000 digital recorder:
Philips VTR5000 digital recorder. Maximum recording time: 1082h, 

Recording modes: HQ, LP, Audio formats supported: MP3. 

Display: LCD, Display resolution: 48 x 128 pixels, Display diagonal: 2.79 cm (1.1"). 

Output power: 175 mW. Interface: USB. Battery technology: Lithium, Recording battery life: 7h

Marketing text:
Record your conversation easily
in unprecedented quality

Simply record smarter.Thanks to voice activated recording, the digital recorder is ready
to record your notes or thoughts while on the go.

Superior audio quality
- Record in the popular MP3 format

 Ultra compact design;
 4GB internal memory;
 Up to 1080 hours MP3 Steteo recording;
 Voice activation recording;
 Instant recording;
 MP3 recording;
 Auto divide feature recording;
 Record type:HP,LP;
 High speed USB2.0;
 Built-in Lithium Battery
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