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Baby Monitors

The day you bring your beautiful baby home for the first time will stay in your memory forever. It is both the most exciting and nerve wracking time of your lives as parents. Nothing is more priceless than the reassurance that your little boy or girl is sleeping soundly and safely now they are home. 

Hence why a baby monitor is an essential for every parents checklist, allowing you to keep a check on how the little one is doing without staring at them around the clock. At YHS Online Stores we offer an array of baby monitors, from sound monitors - so you can hear baby sleeping softly and know when he or she needs your attention, to video monitors so you can really keep an eye on them at all times. We also have 3-in-1 baby monitors with video, sound and movement, so whatever you’re looking for, YHS Online Stores have it covered. 

Motorola Baby Monitor
Audio Only
Audio and Video

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